About Us

WowBurgerDeluxe is an authoritative online platform that aims to revolutionize the world of burgers. Our mission is to provide a unique and unforgettable dining experience for burger lovers worldwide. With our mouthwatering menu options and personalized touch, we strive to create wow-worthy moments with every bite.


WowBurgerDeluxe was founded in 2013 by the visionary entrepreneur Angel Turner. Fueled by her passion for creating the ultimate burger experience, Angel started the company with a single food truck serving delicious, handcrafted burgers to delighted customers. Over the years, her dedication and commitment to quality propelled WowBurgerDeluxe to great heights, establishing a reputable brand known for its innovative flavors and impeccable service.

Angel Turner: A Visionary Entrepreneur

Angel Turner, founder and CEO of WowBurgerDeluxe, is an industry trailblazer with a deep-rooted love for burgers. Armed with expertise as a professional chef and an unparalleled understanding of people’s taste buds, Angel consistently delivers enticing burger creations that exceed expectations. Her enthusiasm for exploring new ingredients, flavors, and techniques keeps WowBurgerDeluxe figuratively ahead of the curve and continually setting new standards in the burger industry.

Why We Created this Website?

Driven by our commitment to excellence and a desire to connect with burger enthusiasts worldwide, we decided to create the WowBurgerDeluxe website. Our virtual home aims to foster a global community that celebrates the art of burger making, serving as a go-to resource for all things deliciously burger-related. Through our website, we can interact with our loyal patrons, share our expertise, and inspire the culinary journey of all burger aficionados.

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